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Welcome To Hera Environmental Inc.        Radon Environmental Laboratories
Welcome To Hera Environmental LLC.
Radon Environmental Laboratories
NJ State Certified Radon Measurement and Mitigation Specialist

NAWT Certified

Founded in 1989 by Dr. Subash Rashat, Hera Environmental, LLC. is a New Jersey State certified company which offers you a wide range of environmental testing and mitigation services.

Hera Environmental, LLC. has a highly skilled and qualified staff using state of the art instruments to perform extensive testing.

Hera Environmental, LLC. works with homeowners, realtors, schools and municipalities in various areas in order to provide a safe living environment.

  • NJ State Certified Radon Measurement specialist
  • NJ State Certified Radon Mitigation Specialist
  • Member of North American Radon Association (NARA)

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